Headed by a Snake

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Headed by a Snake

I woke up in this world with a System and a sword. Without hesitation, I chose to complete the princess’ quest with my weapons: Arrogance. Cunning. Pride. I will lead guild Sol Invictus. Denizens of the 7 hells, respect me. Servants of the 11 heavens, know fear. Guild Invictus, know the suffering of training so you can wrest victory from the jaws of those who dare doubt you. This is a story about a snake named Tycondrius waking up in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. There is action, violence, unapologetic murder, and arrogant displays of power. There is an emphasis on combat growth as well as psychological growth on more than a few members of Guild Invictus. There is camaraderie and also the inevitable comedic dialogue amongst manly men. There are even elements of romance and Tycon running away from terrifying, powerful women. (Did you know most female snakes eat their partners after mating?) Give this book a read. I hope some of these stories can inspire you to fight your battles with analytical intelligence, heroic courage, and ruthless lethality. Schedule: 12+ chapters per week. Mon-Fri 2/day @ 11:00 PDT Sat-Sun (and Holidays) 1/day @ 11:00 PDT Chapter Length: 1000+ words per chapter (Update 14Jun2021: Author is having issues. Goal of 5+ chapters per week until normalcy is achieved.) Here is my discord: Constructive criticism and corrections welcome. Other Authors extra-welcome. You can find a list of characters at Cover image credit: Johnabrash at Fiverr

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