Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632

2Chapter 1632    

Psychokinesis, it's a high-level magic skill.    

It's an impractical magic for most magicians and Puppeteers.    

For one, it relied on high-density magic.    

High-density magic power is made with tons of magic power compressed with a will into a tangible force.    

this is the reason why Puppeteers and other magicians stayed away from it. Their meager magic power reserves meant that three things would happen during psychokinesis output: small output, short duration of effect, and both.    

Only skilled magicians can compress their magic power and use it with such refined skills that they can control dolls through their thoughts alone.    

Even so, Psychokinesis remains more of a parlor trick than practical combat magic.    

Even moving a dummy in a training situation is taxing, what to say of actual usage during stressful combat situations?    

If psychokinesis is like a powerful string that can lift a boulder. Then can the same user calmly stop a boulder hurled at them?    

Highly likely, the user would be too scared to use psychokinesis calmly.    

Now, change that boulder to a sharp knife. Even a strong string would be cut by a sharp knife, right?    

Wu Yan stopped the knife without breaking a sweat.    

This is where Psychokinesis can show its true power.    

With strength dependent on the magic power of the user, the stronger the magic power output, the stronger the psychokinesis.    

What Wu Yan did with his psychokinesis was use up a normal person's worth of magic power to strongly enhance his psychokinesis to demonic levels.    

Dozens of seconds passed and he still kept his mental hands on the knife.    

How much magic power does this guy have?    

Wu Yan eyed the bush before sighing in disappointment.    

"Rounds, one of the top 13, even the Sword Emperor is a coward who only dares to shoot daggers in the dark?"    

A figure slowly emerged from the nearby forest.    

His red hair and pearly-white hair gave him away. His automaton tagged behind him.    

"Loki, the sword emperor?"    

Charlotte gasped.    

Someone who is rumored to be able to fight the Marshal would resort to sneak attacks? This perplexed her.    


Frey couldn't believe it was Loki who attacked them.    

Loki eyed Frey before tensing up again. He looked at the knife suspended in the air.    

The knife was connected by a wire to his automaton.    


Cherubim lit up in a red glow.    

The air slowly heated around the knife.    

It heated up to almost plasmic levels.    

The sharp knife blew away the psychokinesis hold on it.    


The knife returned back to the Cherubim guided by its wires.    


Wu Yan shrugged.    

"I see, that's the Jet installed on the Angel Series."    

"A type of wind manipulation magic, it heats up air and use it to increase speed and damage of the swords on your doll. It is with this that you can cleave many things apart."    

Wu Yan analyzed.    

"So that's how you got the epithet Blaze and Sword Emperor."    

Loki didn't answer him. He questioned Wu Yan.    

"Where did you bring Frey?"    


Wu Yan grinned.    

"Little brother, are you annoyed that your beautiful sister went out with another man?"    

"Answer me!"    

Loki shot out more magic power as he gnashed his teeth.    

"You don't have your dolls with you. I can kill you easily."    


Wu Yan laughed.    

"If your "easily" was that little knife trick then I am very disappointed in your attainment."    


Loki channeled magic power into his doll.    

"You're going to like this next one..."    

Cherubim unfurled its sword wings. He shot a flurry of them at Wu Yan.    

The 8 feather daggers were also heated up to a scorching temperature.    

They were all aimed at Wu Yan.    

Charlotte and Frey turned pale with horror. Meanwhile, Wu Yan stood calmly as a torrent of magic power oozed out of him.    

He funneled his power into a magic vortex that surrounded him like jets of dark mist.    

Hinagiku, Mikoto, Rin, Illya, and Miyu would have immediately recognized this if they were here.    

It's the same protective, condensed magic mist used by Corrupted Saber and Archer in Fate/Kaleid.    

A super-dense magic power tornado that deflects magic, spells, and physical attacks.    

The incinerating blades hit his magic vortex.    


The daggers were deflected by his super-dense magic mist.    



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