Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 10303

Chapter 10303

210303 Chapter 10302-     

If word of this got out, she’d be seen as the number one traitor by Lin Yi’s side, and some people might even come to clean the emperor’s side.    

However, this was the truth in the depths of her heart.    

The people in the sea were unpredictable, and they weren’t worth Lin Yi’s time.    

Of course, Lin Yi had never given his heart to anyone before-he’d always been walking his own path, and it was just that the path he chose was for the benefit of the public.    

“I know what I’m doing,”    

lin yi smiled. ” something big is about to happen. you need to organize those intelligence agencies as soon as possible. public opinion can affect the luck of the four seas to a certain extent. we can’t let it go out of control. ”    


ning wanjun instantly had a plan in mind.    

things like public opinion were indeed difficult to control. even if one had great strength and power, there were still many cases of things going wrong.    

however, if he found the trick, some things were not as difficult to control as he imagined.    

For example, he could find a target for the general public to vent their anger on.    

and the high and mighty priest faculty, which was now in a state of panic, was a ready-made perfect target!    

sure enough, after ning wanjun’s instructions, under the guidance of the intelligence agency, both openly and secretly, the focus of the entire sea area immediately shifted to the priest school.    

under the pressure of anger from all sides, the priest system’s days suddenly became particularly difficult, and it was difficult to move forward.    

it couldn’t be helped. this was the inheritance the high priest had left them. who asked the high priest to light the life crystal before he died?    

since he had enjoyed the benefits of the high priest before, he could only eat the corresponding consequences now.    

An eye for an eye.    

With that, Lin Yi’s pressure was greatly reduced.    

Even if some of them wanted to continue instigating the public’s anger towards Lin Yi, they were split up and even argued with each other.    

after all, at least to most people, lin yi was on their side, protecting the life crystals.    

if they had to say that it was a mistake, it was at best a lack of protection.    

However, when they remembered that it was the high priest who had attacked, even if some people wanted to pursue the matter, they were too embarrassed to continue.    

He was the publicly acknowledged number one sea expert. Which warehouse could withstand his sneak attack?    

there was the powerful deterrence of killing 23 top-tier combat forces in a row, and then there was the trouble of shifting the focus of public opinion.    

Lin Yi didn’t move at all, and many ambitious people couldn’t help but beat their chests.    

Unfortunately, they didn’t dare to show their faces. Other than secretly drawing circles and curses at home, they were helpless.    

The tree wanted to be quiet, but the wind would not stop.    

lin yi didn’t think that he’d be able to stay calm just like that.    

he knew that as long as he could drag this out, until more and more people saw through the life crystal scam, he’d have the last laugh, but he still stayed clear-headed.    

&Nbsp; the evil god would not admit defeat.    

as expected, the evil god’s killer move came very quickly. this time, the way he used it not only shocked everyone in the sea, but even lin yi was shocked.    

The Oracle.    

The evil god had actually given an Oracle to everyone in the sea.    

The gods could not cross boundaries. The sea area was the sea god’s territory. In theory, other than the sea god, no other God could interfere in the affairs of the sea area without permission, let alone give an Oracle like this!    

This was equivalent to a country directly crossing the border and issuing administrative orders to the local institutions and civilians of another country.    

To put it another way, this feeling was like asking the other party to come over and drink with him in front of the other party’s husband. It was a proper Tauren’s behavior!    

the moment they received the evil god’s oracle, the same thought flashed through the minds of every sea citizen.    

i’m afraid that something has really happened to the sea god.    

This had been a hot topic since a few months ago, but after Lin Yi became the Sea King, especially after the sea god’s multiple prophecies and even a clone’s personal appearance, it was thrown into the trash by the mainstream.    

But now, it seemed that these words were not without reason.    

after all, if the sea god was still alive, how could the evil god’s oracle have descended?    

however, compared to all the terrifying details behind this, what had the greatest impact on the entire sea area was the contents of the oracle itself.    

“Seven days later, eight million people will die from the lack of life crystals. Only the master of the four Seas, Lin Yi, will go to hell Street alone and ask for enough life crystals to solve this problem.”    

Between the lines, there was a strong sense of evil.    

there were problems everywhere but once evil gods were involved, these problems became normal.    

After all, in almost everyone’s impression, as the typical villain among the gods, evil gods should be like this.    

As the divine decree fell, the entire sea region fell silent.    

There was no doubt that it was a declaration of terror that was not hidden at all, and it was almost equivalent to the evil god taking the initiative to stand up and take responsibility for the 80000 people who had died suddenly.    

If it had been any other God, they might have already been in a frenzy, even pointing out names and cursing.    

after all, even the gods had restrictions, and they couldn’t act recklessly.    

However, facing the evil god, no one in the sea realm dared to have such a thought. If they dared to curse, it wouldn’t just be eight million people dying seven days later. It might even be eight million people dying on the spot!    

&Nbsp; it wasn’t that the evil gods couldn’t do such things.    

They didn’t dare to be angry or speak. At this moment, the entire sea area was left with endless panic.    

compared to the population of the entire sea area, which was in the billions, eight million did not seem that exaggerated. in fact, it could even be considered a small number. the number of accidental deaths every year due to various reasons was far more than eight million.    

however, a grain of sand in this era was like a mountain when it landed on a person’s head.    

Moreover, this eight million was not a small amount of sand.    

However, some smart people obviously interpreted the sudden Oracle of the evil god differently from the ordinary people.    

“this is a good thing! although the evil god is brutal, he still pointed out a clear path and didn’t make us just sit there and wait for death!”    

” that’s right. although the evil gods are a little evil, they are still high and mighty gods after all. they wouldn’t use such things to deceive us. ”    

“As long as we get Lin Yi to hell Street, we’ll get enough life crystals. Where else can we find such a good deal?”    

“didn’t we already receive the challenge letter from the queen of the abyss and the nameless scholar? since we’re both in hell street, we can end this together.”    

“as the sovereign of the four seas, surely you have the courage to accept this challenge?”    

“that’s not possible! Lord Lin has killed his way up here, and all of his battle achievements are full of gold. Why would he be afraid of this?”    




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