Martial King’s Retired Life

Book 15: Chapter 67

Book 15: Chapter 67

2Book 15: Chapter 67    

Besides having long legs, the rest of her appearance would make any man do triple takes. The maiden adorned herself in simple garments for ease of moment, yet it seemed tailored for her body. It wasnt restrictive to move in, and it wasnt too loose that one would think it was a waste of her body lines. There were plenty of ladies who carried swords as ornaments in the pugilistic world, but they also carried a hostile aura due to the nature of living in that world. For instance, people would be wary of Lass Yu instead of enamoured if they saw her with her sword. If the daughter of a wealthy family were to walk around with a sword, she mightve exuded grace, but she would be without the valiant aura of a heroine and be considered a moving flower instead. Boss only managed to balance out her aggression thanks to Yujing. In contrast, this maiden probably around twenty was able to exude grace and charm with every minute action.     

It was self-evident that her sword on her sash was no ordinary sword. Aside from its unique metal vibe, the flying phoenix on the hilt was no shabby phoenix added for decoration. Everything about its exterior suggested that the sheathed part was excellent for cutting and stabbing. The contrast between her grace and her swords venomous appearance gave her a unique charm.     

Are you Ming Feizhen?     

Oh, no. I admit I stole several glances at her, but I wasnt stupid.     

She eyed me from head to toe a few times. Youre not Ming Feizhen? she asked with a frown.     

I frowned and asked, Who is Ming Feizhen?     

She suddenly found herself lost for words. She sounded confident in herself before asking the question, so my answer seemed to throw her off.     

Youre done with me now, right?     



I hurried to the end of the street, turned the corner and then raced back to Liu Shan Men.     

Why was I running? She was clearly trouble. What sort of ordinary person would block me at the imperial palace entrance? See no evil. Speak no evil. That applied even if they were beautiful.     

Recently, I had recovered my martial arts, been promoted, and struck it rich. I was on a lucky trajectory. His Majesty even asked me to teach a Prince. Zizi asked me to be his shifu, as well. I was making a comeback from the worst situation, and I was hoping it would continue. For a beautiful maiden to suddenly hit on me was an omen, and continuing my streak of good luck required me to escape her.     

Duke Ming! Duke Ming!     

Without even needing eyes behind my head, I identified it was Tie Hanyi calling out to me. He was a friend to me, really, but his timing was bad because I was pretending to not be Ming Feizhen, so I couldnt respond to him. Instead, I picked up my pace.     

Hey! Duke Ming! Head Constable Ming! Duke Ming Feizhen! Just-placed-on-the-imperial-exams Liu Shan Mens Duke Ming Feizhen!     

Can you lower your voice?! Are you in cahoots with that chick?!    

I summoned qi to expediently turn a corner. I had only shaken Tie Hanyi off when someone else behind me hollered, Ming Feizhen, I was looking for you.     

Get lost, Long Zaitian!    

Im not Ming Feizhen.     

I thought Long Zaitian would get the message and buzz off, but he chased after me!     

Youre the ugliest person here. If youre not Ming Feizhen, who is?! Hey! This is important! Stop! This is serious!     

You want to speak to me about something serious? Even if thats true, can you choose another time?!    

Ming Feizhen! Stop! Did you eat rabbit crap or something? How are you so fast?! Ming Feizhen from Mount Daluo who joined Liu Shan Mens Ming Feizhen, stop!     

Thanks to Tie Hanyi joining in, as well, if people on the streets didnt recognise me before, they now did!     

What the hell is with you people?!    

Thankfully, I was able to shake the two off thanks to my familiarity with the terrain, judgement and excellent escape skills. I had chosen to travel down a side street to sneak back to Liu Shan Men when two big men blocked my way. Despite them looking gruff, they both wore cordial smiles.     

Please wait, Duke Ming. My master wishes to see you.     

He can see the back of my foot! Not even the Jade Emperor can stop me today!    

Who is your master?     

Luoyangs Young Master Feng.     

Oh, my buddy and brother.    

What does he want?     

To share a meal.     

I guess this is my fate today.    

Please lead the way. I shall risk my neck to see him if that is what it takes.     

This time, our meeting spot was a new restaurant that had yet to officially open for business. I heard the boss of this Emerald Screen place was wealthy businessman who was eyeing even the entertainment industry, which was why this restaurant offered great food and beauties. Rich young masters had already flocked to it before it was even officially open. I had no clue it was my buddy, Feng Shanshan, who was the owner.     

Feng Shanshan was still as friendly as last time, serving tea and speaking freely. I wolfed down everything in sight, burped, then flicked up a thumb.     

I appreciate it, Brother Ming. You agree?!     

I nodded as I swallowed my mouthful. Delicious!     

Brother Shanshan waited for me to finish eating and washing it down with alcohol prior to asking, Brother Ming, what I just said     

What did you say?     

Thus, Brother Shanshan calmly repeated what he said for me. I nearly saw my food a second time after I heard him out.     

What?! You captured Demon Sects holy maiden?!     

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