Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 430 Sparkling Eyes

Chapter 430 Sparkling Eyes

0Chapter 430 Sparkling Eyes    

After the offerings to the Gods and Goddesses were done, I’m especially glad that the tenant issue thing was over, by the way, it was time to take care of the next thing on the agenda.    

Organising the Drop Items. Tristan-san had been really excited about getting his hands on our loot, and I can’t really blame him.    

Ah, but there’s just so much stuff to organise. How troublesome.    

Ahem, I totally understand that I am whining over a first world problem. I mean, just how many Adventurers would love to be faced with such a ‘problem’?    

“Well then, let’s do this,” I slapped my knees and got ready to work.    

“”Aruji~ What are you doing~?””    

“I want to sort out the loot we collected from the dungeon. I need to know what we have and how many.”    

“”Sounds fun~! Sui will help~””    

“Ah, Sui-tan is the best, as for the rest…”    

[8] The other two were already snoozing comfortably under the sun…    

“Anyway, let’s do this together!”    



“First, I’m going to take out things from my [Item Box]. Sui, can you count?”    



, one, two, three… um…””    

“… that’s alright, I’m going to take out a lot of things. Help me to organise them, alright?”    


“Putting the same things together. See these stones? They are all shiny stones but this one is blue, this one is red… if possible, gather the same things together, we can split them into smaller groups later.”    


Unfortunately, though my [Item Box] is very useful, I have to remember what I put in there. It would be great if I could see what’s in my inventory along with the number of items in a neat list. Just like an in-game inventory.    

For now, let’s just take everything out and physically count them.    


“Let’s see, let’s start with the stuff we got from the 20th Floor and go from there.”    

The stuff from the 20th Floor was all kinds of Gargoyle Drops. Gems, stones and magic stones of all kinds. We collected things like aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, turquoise, moonstone etc.    

Woah, that’s a lot of shiny stones.    

Ah, that’s right. I took out my collection of sacks. I have quite a lot from all the money that people had been giving me.    

[8] “Here, Sui. Put the shiny stones into different bags according to their colour and type, okay? The red ones here, the green shiny ones here, the green not shiny ones here…”    

Let’s divide and conquer these stones first. I have already bought an oil-based magic pen from [Net Super] to label the sacks.    

After some time…    

“Phew, it’s finally over.”    

“Humph, why are you making us do this?”    

“”Yeah, I was planning to sleep after lunch.””    

“Yes, yes, enough about that. You sleep too much already.”    

The sleeping duo finally woke up just for lunch. However, after feeding them Ginger Grilled Orc on Rice, I quickly recruited them to help me sort out our stash.    

“”Sui likes helping, Aruji~ It’s fun~””    

“Heheh, unlike some others, Sui is the best girl!”    

“”Ehehehe, Sui is the best girl~!””    

Sui bounced around happily at that. The other two grumbled, but Sui is cute so I don’t take their grumbling seriously at all.    

(By the way, I did not include meat or Violent Berries on the list. Oh, and I’m keeping the Dispelling Pendant too, of course, since I want to use it for myself.)    

Aquamarine (very small grain) x 22     

Garnet (very small grain) x 11     

Amethyst (very small grain) x 13     

Turquoise (very small grain) x 16     

Moonstone (very small grain) x 21     

Citrine (very small grain) x 15     

Lapis Lazuli (very small grain) x 14     

Rose Quartz (very small grain) x 10     

Cat’s Eye (very small grain) x 9    

Aquamarine (small grain) x 2     

Amethyst (small grain) x 1     

Citrine (small grain) x 3     

Ruby (small grain) x 1     

Sapphire (small grain) x 1     

Emerald (small grain) x 1     

Onyx (small grain) x 72     

Jade (small grain) x 81     

Onyx (medium grain) x 9     

Jade (medium grain) x 13     

Gazer’s Magic Stone (very small) x 29    

Topaz (medium grain) x 16     

Emerald (medium grain) x 10     

Aventurine (medium grain) x 18     

Peridot (medium grain) x 15     

Sunstone (medium grain) x 21     

Sapphire (medium grain) x 9     

Agate (medium grain) x 23     

Amethyst (medium grain) x 18     

Ruby (medium grain) x 8     

Diamond (large grain) x 4     

Ruby (large grain) x 2     

Opal (large grain) x 2     

Malachite (large grain) x 3     

Morganite (large grain) x 2     

Emerald (large grain) x 2    

Stone Golem Magic Stone (very small) x 22     

Iron Golem Fragment x 44     

Iron Golem Magic Stone (small) x 44     

Ogre Skin x 122     

Ogre Horn x 93     

Ogre Magic Stone (small) x 31     

Red Ogre Skin x 14     

Red Ogre Horn x 6     

Red Ogre Magic Stone (medium) x 20     

Blue Ogre Skin x 11     

Blue Ogre Horn x 3     

Blue Ogre Magic Stone (large) x 14     

Green Ogre Skin x 18     

Green Ogre Horn x 6     

Green Ogre Magic Stone (small) x 24    

Black Dog Skin x 58     

Black Dog Magic Stone (small) x 24     

Gigantic Minotaur Skin x 196     

Gigantic Minotaur Weapon x 180     

Gigantic Minotaur Magic Stone (large) x 470    

Vampire Mosquito Rod Mouth x 265     

Vampire Mosquito Wings x 284     

Vampire Mosquito Paralysis Poison x 169     

Green Longhorn Beetle Shell x 4     

Red Longhorn Beetle Shell x 3     

Giant Black Longhorn Beetle Shell x 1     

Giant Black Longhorn Beetle Magic Stone (Small) x 1     

Poison Earwig Paralysis Poison x 3     

Giant Horsefly Wings x 4     

Poison Snail Corrosion Poison x 6     

Forest Army Ant Jaw x 528     

Queen Forest Army Ant Jaw x 1     

Forest Army Ant Magic Stone (small) x 1     

Giant Killer Mantis Sickle x 14     

Giant Killer Mantis Magic Stone (small) x 3     

Paralyzing Butterfly Paralyzed Poison Scales x 6     

Venom Tarantula Thread x 27     

Venom Tarantula Poison Sac x 16     

Giant Centipede Carapace x 8     

Giant Centipede Magic Stone (small) x 3     

Gigantic Heraclius Beetle Carapace x 1     

Gigantic Heraclius Beetle Magic Stone (large) x 1     

Kaiser Stag Beetle Carapace x 1     

Kaiser Stag Beetle Magic Stone (large) x 1    

4 Arms Bear Fur x 1     

4 Arms Bear Liver x 1     

4 Arms Bear Claw x 1     

4 Arms Bear Magic Stone (extra large) x 2    

Red Boar Skin x 18     

Red Boar Fang x 6     

Cockatrice Feathers x 23     

Rock Bird Beak x 16     

Rock Bird Wings x 24     

Giant Dodo Beak x 8     

Giant Dodo Feather x 13     

Giant Dodo Magic Stone (very small) x 2     

Giant Deer Skin x 9     

Giant Deer’s Horn x 8     

Giant Deer Magic Stone (very small) x 1     

Giant Horn Rabbit Fur x 3     

Giant Horn Rabbit Weapon x 4     

Giant Horn Rabbit Magic Stone (very small) x 1     

Wild Ape Fur x 28     

Great Wolf Furs x 8     

Great Wolf Magic Stone (small) x 8     

Red Tiger Fur x 4     

Red Tiger Magic Stone (small) x 4     

Forest Panther Fur x 3     

Forest Panther Magic Stone (medium) x 3     

Murder Grizzly Fur x 6     

Murder Grizzly Liver x 2     

Murder grizzly Claws x 4     

Murder Grizzly Magic Stone (large) x 6     

Tyrant Gorilla Fur x 1     

Tyrant Gorilla Heart x 1     

Tyrant Gorilla Magic Stone (Large) x 1     

Zlatorog (Goldhorn) Antler x 4     

Zlatorog (Goldhorn) Hoof x 4     

Zlatorog (Goldhorn) Fur x 2     

Zlatorog (Goldhorn) Magic Stone (extra large) x 2     

Treasure Chest:    

Gold Bars x 16 (20th floor treasure chest)     

Diamond Pendant x 1     

Diamond Earrings x 1     

Ruby Ring x 1     

Jewelled Bracelet x 1    

Oh my, there’s just so much stuff. Hehehehe…    

We were only partway through the dungeon, but have collected so much~ [9] There’s something really satisfying about seeing all the numbers laid out nicely like this.    

We have discarded quite a lot of things and probably missed a lot of treasure chests too since our main focus for most floors was to get through them quickly. [9] Also, we left a lot of monsters behind without even checking the Drops. In fact, there were a lot of times we just ignore the Drops because it just isn’t worth the time to stop and collect them at all.    

Still, the unique feature of this dungeon, the precious stones Drops, are really dazzling when seen together like this. Considering Tristan-san’s merchant-like disposition, I’m sure his eyes would literally sparkle when he sees this loot.    

I wonder if he could purchase all of them…    

Well, that’s a question for tomorrow.    

“For now, let’s have something to eat!”    



, I want something special for dinner. Especially since I help you sort these things.”    

“”Ou! Sounds good to me!””    

“”Special dinner~~ Sui will eat lo~ots~~!””    

“Hahaha, something special, huh. I’ll come up with something. Hmm, let’s make it with one of our Drop items!”     

[Gumihou: To anyone who’s interested, the Drop list alone is about 700 words…]    

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs    

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs    

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue    

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue    

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information… starting to delete pointless scenes now    

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose    

[7] Add Dialogue Tag    

[8] Creative Licence – Give a more realistic organising skill to Sui. Especially around Sui’s ability to count.    

[9] Added more details, because it would be silly for the Drop List to carry the majority of the word count.    


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