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Chapter 432 First World Problem

Chapter 432 First World Problem

0Chapter 432 First World Problem    

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“Oh, my~ these are very excellent goods. It’s been a while since I have been this excited~~”    

I came to the Adventurer’s Guild alone, leaving my familiars at home to snooze in the garden. Today’s weather was very nice, so, one of them wanted to follow me when I told them I was only going to trade at the Guild.    

The moment I set foot inside the Guild, a staff member appeared and escorted me to the Guild Master’s room.    


“Oh, my~ you’re here~ please, come in. You have brought your goods? Oh, you have a list, excellent, excellent, where are my glasses, never mind, here’s a magnifying glass. Excellent, very excellent~”    

“So, um,”    

“We’ll take all the jewels of course. Can’t go wrong with our local precious stones. Very high quality, excellent clarity~”    

“That, erm, I also have some other jewellery. Not from this dungeon, but-”    

“Oh? Well, well, let’s have a look.”    

“Ah, er, sure. Well, these are from Doran and Avering’s dungeons, and these jewellery are from the Bandit King’s stash…”    

“The Bandit King?! Oh my, oh my goodness, oh, how regrettable. Oh, but perhaps this little one, hmm, yes, we can probably take this one, and this one certainly. As for the rest, hmm, you don’t mind if I take a longer look~?”    

In the end, I only sold two items from the Bandit King’s treasure.    

Still, aside from the dungeon jewel, jewellery and assorted precious stones, I was also able to sell the following:    

Gazer’s Magic Stone (small)    

Stone Golem’s magic stone (small)    

Iron Golem’s magic stone (small)    

Ogre’s magic stone (small)    

Tristan-san also managed to buy all of the Four Arms Bear fur and liver, as well as the fur of Great Wolf, Red Tiger, Murder Grizzly and Tyrant Gorrila.    

“What about this one?” I asked, taking out the golden fur of the Zlatorog.    

Tristan-san reached out to stroke the fur twice before grabbing his hand back and crying, “No! If I buy this I’ll have to cut down on my other purchases! No, Tristan! Bad! No!”    

I quickly put the fur away, not wanting to experience an Elland-san moment without a reliable Vice-Guild Master to hold him back.    

Thankfully, once the fur was out of sight, Tristan-san calmed down a lot. After a final ‘Oooohhh’ of regret, he sat down and said, “Oh well, it can’t be helped. Our budget     


 limited after all.”    


I’m… suffering a bit of whiplash from his ability to switch off his enthusiasm like this. He certainly has better self-control than a certain dragon-crazy elf. Although… considering how stuffed this room is with jewels, magic stones and jewellery, Tristan-san’s workspace kind of resembled the traditional hoarder dragon.    

Well, now that we have finally reached an agreement, Tristan-san and I settled back with a cup of tea served by one of the staff.    

“We’ll do a proper valuation on everything and hand over the payment tomorrow,” said Tristan-san with a smile. “Will you be returning to the dungeon?”    

“Yes, my familiars are really adamant about clearing it, hehe.” Personally, I already had enough of the dungeon. However, if I try to suggest leaving, I’m not sure what would happen to me.    

“You already collected such fantastic Drops after only making it to the 40th Floor. I wonder what we’ll see next?     




That’s… one of the most vulgar-sounding laughter I had ever heard.    

“Well, ah, I’ll see you tomorrow?”    

I quickly made my escape, not at all keen to stay around and see Tristan-san gloating over his stash. Anyway, with none of my familiars hanging around to complain, I take the opportunity to visit a few shops. Unfortunately, there were not many interesting things for sale… still, I bought a couple of dozen more sacks, large and small, for the future precious stone Drops.    

Right, let’s go home. I’m sure my familiars were waiting for me.    

I spent the day relaxing. After a good lunch, I headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild.    

My familiars elected to stay at home again.    

This time, Tristan-san was the one who rushed out to greet me.    

“I have been waiting for you! Come, let’s go up to my room.”    

He pushed me into a seat and tea was served almost immediately by an efficient staff. After a sip of tea, I looked at the vibrating Tristan-san and said, “Ahem, you’re, uh, done with the valuation?    

“Yes, your collection is given top priority! Please, wait a moment,” Tristan-san suddenly stood up and rushed to a safe. Then, he rushed back with two sacks. The sacks dropped onto the table with a dull thud, “Right, there we go. 40,000 gold for the items~!”    

“…wait… what?!”    

My hand suddenly trembled and the teacup rattled against its saucer. “Uh, that is, uh, 40,000 gold?!”    

“Of course~ considering the things we bought off your hands, the precious stones, magic stones and very high-quality fur, I dare say that this is one of the biggest trades that this Guild has ever made~!” Tristan-san said cheerfully.    

Then, he proceeded [5a] to list out the cost of things, but the details escaped me as the number 40,000 bounced around my head…    

“…naturally, considering the large amount of money, we have prepared it in platinum coins. There are 400 pieces here, please count them to verify the transaction.”    

“Um, alright…” I opened the first sack and lined up the coins on the table stacks of 10 coins. “… right, there are 400 pieces here.”    

I thought I was immune to big numbers, but 40,000 was still…    

“Mukouda-san, I have high expectations for our next trade~”    

Tristan-san was beaming at me again.    

Well, I don’t really mind, but, would your Guild have any money left to trade? Still, it’s not my place to question him, so I just responded with, “O-of course.”    

“Fufu, if Mukouda-san is worried about our funds, don’t be. I have already made arrangements with some people with a vested interest in your, ahem, results.”    


“Hm, hm, let’s just say Mukouda-san with his Fenrir familiar is a very prominent and influential person himself. They are all very interested to see what you will bring us~ I haven’t even made this list public yet, but already people are sending inquiries~ I can’t stop laughing,     





This Tristan-san sounded a lot like a villain. I had to wonder… just how did he come up with all his funds for the transactions?     

Do I even want to know?    

I was sent off by a very happy Tristan-san.    

Still, what do I do with 400 platinum coins?    

While I believe that having savings is a must, this is beyond a mere nest egg or even retirement money. This is a… vulgar amount of money.    

I know it is very First World of me to worry about having too much money, but the amount I have is really making me uncomfortable. Maybe I could make a bit of a donation to cleanse my soul?    

[Gumihou: Gumi would like to be troubled by this First World Problem too…]    

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