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Divine Path System

Varian's memory of the girl he grew up with was forcibly erased by a powerful mind awakener shortly after his mother died. All that was left of her was a vague dream which the Mental Awakener doctors diagnosed as 'illness' and 'depression'. Suffering from the recurring dreams, he blamed himself for his mother's death, and gave up on his dreams to be an Awakener. But one fateful day, a System gives him the chance. It showed his late mother's last wish. Save the girl he cannot remember. He has but one clue of her. He was given two choices. He could go back to what his life always was, but deep down, he'd know it's fake. Or be bold and pursue the truth even if it might unravel his whole life. He wanted truth. But in the solar system where humanity faces the existential threat of an alien foe called Abyssals, truth's anything but easy. And with the girl hiding more secrets than he could imagine, it'd have been an impossible task for anyone else. But he has a chance. One single shot at changing his life and his world. For in the world where every human awakens in one of the Divine Paths, Varian would awaken in all! A/N: The story isn't just about finding a girl. While finding her is certainly a key element and kickstarts the story, there is a lot more going on. /Spoiler/ Abyssals won't be the last foe. The universe is much larger. *** The beginning chapters aren't my best, but once the Vanish Dungeon mini-arc ends, the story drastically improves*** Note: *There are some things that might annoy you in the early chapters, but they will be resolved after the lost dungeon arc. Varian is weak in the beginning and couldn't control where the events were heading. But soon, he is the one deciding and proactively changing things. 0. This is not an Eastern Fantasy aka Cultivation story. It is a Fantasy set in soft sci-fi (Super powers in Sci Fi world) Additional: Special thanks to Suoshi for cover editing PS: Cover doesn't belong to me. If the creator wants to be credited or take it down, contact me thr

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