Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Book 08 Chapter 074: Hetu’s Misfortune

Book 08 Chapter 074: Hetu’s Misfortune

0Book 08 Chapter 074: Hetu’s Misfortune    

Essence Genesis Hall, Myriad Age Daoist Sect, land of the living:    

An altar stood beside Essence Genesis’s prayer mat. Bound with many restrictions and chains, the altar trapped none other than Hetu, once a servant of Fuxi.    

Hetu was previously an enchanted treasure that gained life, so he was neither male nor female. After dying eight hundred thousand years ago, Hetu had reincarnated as a demonic phantom and possessed Long Wanyu. Although Lady Houtu had worked hard for eight hundred thousand years to reform Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body, Long Wanyu had given that body to Hetu. Sadly, Essence Genesis captured Hetu afterwards.    

Appearing now as an old man, Hetu looked completely disheartened.    

Ever since his capture, Essence Genesis had been studying him to uncover secrets about Heaven Cang.    

Being studied by someone was an extremely miserable affair.    

Hetu thought he was the most unfortunate soul alive.    

When Essence Genesis finally left the hall on this day, Hetu sighed in relief; he would not be studied for a short while.    


Suddenly, all the restrictions binding him vanished.    

“Hey? They vanished? The restrictions vanished? Is Essence Genesis testing me? I won’t move! I won’t escape!” Scared by Essence Genesis’s reputation, Hetu dared not move.    

After some time, Hetu realized something was wrong.    

“This isn’t right. Essence Genesis wouldn’t need to test me with his power. However, the restrictions suddenly disappeared. Could it be…could it be that Essence Genesis is dead?” Hetu’s eyes widened.    

This thought echoing in his mind made Hetu tremble.    

“Dead? Dead is good! I’m finally free!” Hetu was so excited that he wanted to shout.    


In his struggle, the chains on his body clattered.    

Suddenly, amid his excitement, Hetu froze, remembering Essence Genesis’s words from before.    

“Remember this well. This altar took me a lot of effort to create, and the chains on you, each link was slowly inscribed by me. If you try to damage it in the slightest, I’ll make you beg for death, but even death will elude you. Remember the sensation of electricity coursing through your entire body from before? I’ll amplify that sensation a hundredfold!”    

The thought of the hundredfold torture as a result of just the slight damage made Hetu shiver. He dared not destroy anything.    

However, in the next moment, after a brief struggle, Hetu came to a realization. “Who cares?! Essence Genesis is dead! What am I afraid of? Humph!”    


Hetu broke off all the chains on his body.    

“Feels so good! Haha, I’m finally free!” The excited Hetu stood up.    

He turned to look at the altar and the chains that had tormented him during this time.    

“Humph! Essence Genesis! I’m not easily frightened! Even if you haven’t died, I’m not afraid of you! Do you think you can chain me, torment me? Humph! Humph! Humph!” Hetu rushed up to the altar.    

Boom! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!    

A moment of intense destruction, and the altar shattered into pieces—including the chains that Essence Genesis had personally inscribed.    

After smashing everything, Hetu still did not feel he had vented enough. He crushed the rubble, and only then did he feel satisfied.    

“Hahahaha! So refreshing! Dare to chain me? This great me will destroy you! Essence Genesis is dead anyway. Hahahaha!” Hetu laughed heartily.    

Amid his laughter, Hetu stalked to the entrance of the main hall and shoved open the doors.    


The doors of the hall opened with a loud noise, and fresh air and a sense of freedom rushed over Hetu. He reveled in this newfound satisfaction.    

However, before he could fully enjoy it, he saw a white-robed swordsman standing near the entrance of the hall.    

It was Sha.    

Sha stood there quietly with his sword, gazing at the sky.    

At this moment, the world was filled with fragrance, celestial music drifted in the air, and countless motes of multicolored lights illuminated the surroundings.    

Hetu’s eyes widened. Who is this person standing with his back to me? Does he want to block my way?    

“Sect Master entrusted me with guarding Essence Genesis Hall before departing. You should go back; Sect Master will return soon,” Sha said calmly without turning around.    

“Sect Master? Who are you talking about? Who’s the sect master?” Hetu was momentarily confused and had a bad feeling about this.    

“The sect master is Essence Genesis!” Sha replied simply.    

The bad feeling suddenly intensified.    

“Essence Genesis? But…didn’t he die?” Hetu stammered.    

Sha turned his head with an expression that seemed to say, Are you stupid?    

“Is that not so?” Hetu asked anxiously.    

“Of course not. Our sect master just went to the void. He’ll be back soon. Be patient!” Sha replied indifferently.    

Hetu: “…”    

Essence Genesis didn’t die?    

Then what did I just destroy? The chains and altar that Essence Genesis painstakingly forged?    

Remember this well. This altar took me a lot of effort to create, and the chains on you, each link was slowly inscribed by me. If you try to damage it in the slightest, I’ll make you beg for death, but even death will elude you.    

Essence Genesis’s previous words suddenly echoed in Hetu’s mind.    

Hetu’s hair stood on end, and he felt an urge to vomit blood.    

He turned his head to look at the altar in Essence Genesis Hall, now a pile of rubble. He glanced at the chains; they were nothing more than scraps.    


It was like thunder went off in Hetu’s mind.    

How could it be like that? Why didn’t you say so earlier?    

Essence Genesis will be back soon, and when he sees this scene, won’t I…    

Just thinking about it, Hetu realized he was doomed. Essence Genesis would return to find his hard work ruined by Hetu. What awaited Hetu…    

“Why am I so unlucky?” Hetu mumbled, tears welling up in his eyes, as he turned away in despair.    

By looking at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle, he prevented the tears of regret from spilling.    

“You should go back to Essence Genesis Hall; it’s not safe outside,” Sha said kindly, looking at Heaven’s eye above Borderless Heavenly Capital.    

Sha did not know what had happened at Borderless Heavenly Capital, only that the Six Paths Immortal’s eye had appeared there, radiating a murderous intent towards Gu Hai.    

Gu Hai was in deep trouble.    

The Six Paths Immortal was furious, and no one knew if this would trigger a chain reaction, so Sha advised Hetu to return.    

However, would Hetu dare to go back now?    

Essence Genesis’s threats had frightened him to the point of tears. How can this be happening?    

Go back? Are you kidding me? Wait inside for Essence Genesis to return and torture me? No way I’m doing that!    

No, this is not acceptable. I have to leave this dangerous place right away.    


Hetu stepped forward and soared into the sky, trying to flee.    

“You can’t leave without Sect Master’s permission!” Sha glared and immediately soared into the sky.    


Sword qi appeared out of thin air, instantly enveloping Hetu and leaving him with no escape.    

Hetu’s face changed; this was his last chance to escape. He had to break free.    


With a long roar, Hetu transformed into the form of Heaven Cang, bursting out as a massive golden dragon.    

Once Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body emerged, it radiated bright, golden light.    


The surrounding sword qi instantly shattered into countless pieces.    

Sha’s expression changed. “You are Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body. Don’t drive the power of the world!”    

Sha was genuinely concerned for Hetu. The Six Paths Immortal was already furious, and Hetu’s actions might provoke the Six Paths Immortal even more.    

However, Hetu did not know that. When it saw Sha’s anxiety, it guffawed, “Hahahaha! Do you think I’m stupid? Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body can drive the three thousand Great Dao somewhat. Even if it’s weak, it’s not something you can compare to. Witness my Great Dao!”    

In an instant, Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body drove the Great Dao’s laws, summoning countless lightning bolts out of nowhere.    


The immense force from the Great Dao being driven shattered the countless sword qi Sha sent out.    

Intense shock waves made the surrounding space tremble.    

Sha gaped in shock.    

Is Hetu out of his mind? The Six Paths Immortal is already furious, and now Hetu is challenging his authority.    

“Essence Genesis isn’t here, right? To think you still want to get in my way! Well, bring it on! Come on! Let’s see who dares to get in my way!” Hetu shouted.    


Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body once again manipulated the three thousand Great Dao, showcasing Hetu’s immense power.    

At this very moment, the Six Paths Immortal had his gaze locked on Borderless Heavenly Capital, and a tremendous aura of death shrouded the city.    

The driving of the three thousand Great Dao challenged the authority of the Six Paths Immortal, akin to an encroachment on the right of a sovereign to issue decrees. No one dared to usurp upon this authority.    

Originally, a thorough investigation would have led to the discovery of Long Wanyu. The concealed truth would no longer remain hidden.    

However, at this very moment, in the southern Divine Continent, another act of insubordination had occurred, an act that unleashed the three thousand Great Dao.    

“Huh?” The Six Paths Immortal was momentarily puzzled.    


Heaven’s eye abruptly closed, and in the next instant, the consciousness of the Six Paths Immortal appeared in the skies above the Myriad Age Daoist Sect.    

“Let’s see who dares to get in my way!” Hetu shouted.    

Its dragon scales bristled, presenting a ferocious and violent demeanor.    

However, just then, Heaven’s eye suddenly opened above Hetu’s head, emitting an overwhelming heavenly might.    

Under this heavenly might, Hetu, who had been in a fit of rage, fell silent. It looked up in astonishment at Heaven’s eye.    

“So, it was you who dared to meddle with this Immortal’s Great Dao?”    

The Six Paths Immortal’s furious voice blasted out, causing Hetu to shudder. Its anger dissipated, replaced by a hint of dread.    

“You said, ‘Let’s see who dares to get in your way’? Well, shall we see if this Immortal can stop you?” The Six Paths Immortal’s voice was ice-cold.    

Hetu’s expression froze. “It’s a mis-misunderstanding! It’s not my business!”    

Emanating hostility, Heaven’s eye paid no heed to Hetu’s explanations.    

“Heaven Cang’s golden dragon body? Humph! You brought this upon yourself. Essence Genesis isn’t here, right? Well, that’s even better. You shouldn’t exist in this world. With this Immortal here, let’s see where you can escape today!” the Six Paths Immortal shouted coldly.    

Hetu was dumbfounded. It wanted to escape, but the Six Paths Immortal had locked down space. Suddenly, Hetu could not move. The three thousand Great Dao it had driven were nothing more than a drop in the bucket in the face of the Six Paths Immortal.    

He had just escaped from Essence Genesis’s wolf’s den, only to walk into the tiger’s mouth.    

Heaven’s eye focused on Hetu, and a black light flashed within it.    

“Divinity Destroying Light?” Sha’s face darkened not far away.    

Divinity Destroying Light? From Heaven’s eye?    

Hetu understood the power of this. It couldn’t resist Divinity Destroying Light with its current strength. If it had just stayed in Essence Genesis Hall a bit longer, it would have only endured some suffering from Essence Genesis. Now, it fell into the hands of the Six Paths Immortal; this meant destruction.    

Buzz! A black light shot down from Heaven’s eye, heading straight for Hetu.    

“Why am I so unlucky?!”    

Hetu’s eyes filled with fearful tears, and his despairing voice sounded throughout the world.    



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